JOIN EVO Japan?!

EVO Japan 2024 will introduce a paid ticket system.
If you wish to visit and watch the games on-site, purchase an admission ticket from the "Spectator" page.
If you want to participate in the main tournament as a competitor, purchase a player ticket (Admission ticket with main tournament entry code) and proceed to tournament registration on
*You can not change the ticket type after purchase. Please note that you can not register for the main tournament with the admission ticket.
*You can pick up tickets 24 hours after purchase. Tickets can be issued immediately from 3 days prior to the performance date.
*Ticket incomes will be used only as part of EVO Japan 2024 venue fees and other set-up costs.
*Day 3 will be area-specific tickets. The standard area has a limited number of seats and may be standing room only if the area is full.



Please confirm the date and ticket type to watch the game on site and click the purchase button.
Ticket sales end time: April 12, 2024 (Fri.) 23:59 (JST)
*Preschool children can enter with a parent or guardian. However, if you require seats for Day 3, an admission ticket (Day 3) is required.

Admission ticket

Weekend Bundle 3 DaySAT/SUN/MON¥12,000Premium (Designated area)
¥8,000Regular (Designated area)
¥6,000Standard (Free seating or standing)
2 DaySAT/SUN¥4,000
1 DaySAT¥2,500
MON¥9,000Premium (Designated area)
¥4,500Regular (Designated area)
¥2,500Standard (Free seating or standing)


Please purchase your admission ticket from the button.



Please confirm the date and ticket type to go on site and proceed to the purchase button.
Ticket sales end time: March 22, 2024 (Fri.) 23:59 (JST)
After purchasing a player ticket, you will receive an entry code by e-mail and register for the tournament titles you wish to participate in.
*Your registration is only complete when you register for the tournament at Once you have purchased your ticket, be sure to use the entry code to enter the tournament at
*You can enter multiple tournaments with one entry code.
*Entry codes will be issued every Monday and Friday for international purchasers.
*Due to holidays in Japan, from THU, 12/28/2023 to MON, 1/8/2024, those who purchase a ticket in this period will receive the entry codes on Friday, 1/12/2024.

Player Ticket (Admission ticket with a main tournament entry code)

Weekend Bundle 3 DaySAT/SUN/MON¥13,000Premium (Designated area)
¥9,000Regular (Designated area)
¥7,000Standard (Free seating or standing)
2 DaySAT/SUN¥5,000


If you have not completed your registration on, you will not be able to participate in the main tournament.
Please make sure to register by the deadline.
Registration deadline: March 29, 2024 (FRI) 23:59 JST


  • Qiddiya(キディヤ)
  • ソニー損保
  • ソニー銀行
  • PlayStation
  • 一本満足バー
  • キッコーマン
  • ディズニー+
  • Qanba
  • Qanba
  • HitBox
  • Hibino