• Version Street Fighter 6 for PlayStation®5
    Game data will include all updates, patches and stages released by the tournament date, plus any character packs released at least 7 days prior to the tournament date.
  • Maximum number of participants: 6,144
  • Please note that once the maximum number of participants has been reached, you cannot register even if you have already purchased a player ticket. Please check the entry status of the title you participate in before purchasing a player ticket, and register as soon as possible after getting your entry code. Check the entry status on .

Match Format

  • Double elimination format
    BO3(2 BATTLEs to win) (2 ROUNDs won will award a BATTLE)
    BO5(3 BATTLEs to win) (2 ROUNDs won will award a BATTLE)

Game Settings

  • “FIGHTING GROUNDS”, “VERSUS”, “One on One”
  • Timer: 99
  • Rounds: 3
  • Commentary Settings OFF
  • Control Type: Modern or Classic *Dynamic is not available.
  • Button Release Input: Off or ON
  • Advantage: No advantage
  • Stage: Random
  • "TRAINING ROOM" is prohibited.
  • All OPTION settings are default settings except for the following two settings.
    Graphic settings: "Motion blur ON" and "Input Delay Reduction ON”
    Other settings: "Damage Display Settings: No display" and “Pause Menu on Long Hold ON”.
    *In-battle Accessibility Settings may be turned ON if the Tournament Organizer deems that the setting is physically necessary.
    *The Tournament Organizer may decide on the settings at any time at its sole discretion.
    *Players are not allowed to arbitrarily change the playing environment.
  • Prohibited Characters: None
  • Prohibited costumes and colors: None
  • If either player or the Tournament Organizer report during the 1st ROUND that a prohibited stage has been used then the BATTLE will be null and void. If there is no report from either player or the Tournament Organizer that a prohibited stage has been selected and the BATTLE proceeds, the BATTLE will be considered valid if the second ROUND begins.

Competition Rules

  • After both players have chosen their characters, the players begin the first BATTLE of the match; at the end of the BATTLE, the following rules apply
    The player who loses the preceding BATTLE may freely choose the next character and control type.
    The player who wins the preceding BATTLE must continue to use the same character and same control type.
    If a BATTLE ends in a DRAW GAME, the result of that BATTLE shall be null and void, and the BATTLE shall be played again with the same character and control type.
    Controller settings and button configurations can only be changed before the start of the BATTLE.

Controller Settings

  • Keyboard is prohibited.
  • Modification of buttons and inputs and the use of homemade controllers are permitted.
  • The Gafrobox is prohibited.
  • In the event of any other detailed regulations concerning controllers or in the event of confliction, the controller rules shall be governed by "CAPCOM PRO TOUR Official Regulations 2023" .


  • Qiddiya(キディヤ)
  • ソニー損保
  • ソニー銀行
  • PlayStation
  • 一本満足バー
  • キッコーマン
  • ディズニー+
  • Qanba
  • Qanba
  • HitBox
  • Hibino